I am Elizabeth Ruth Regina Steck Bonaduce.  But you can call me Betty.

My background is in show business.  My father, Jack Steck, was an early showman.  Meaning he worked in vaudeville, starting out as an adagio dancer. That career ended earlier than he’d planned when he tossed his partner into the air and failed to catch her.

Nothing daunted, he managed to reboot and ended his show business life some 65 years later as Program Director of WFIL-TV in Philadelphia.

It was in this capacity that I was invited to join him in my first  professional job since graduating from Temple University with a degree in communication.  Unfortunately, at the time, communicating earned me a Bachelor of Science degree or a B.S.  Which, while literally true was not much appreciated.

Since television was such a new idea then, and no one knew for sure if it would ever catch on, there wasn’t a whole lot of money to spend on things like on screen talent.  Or writers.

I was right there and I would have happily paid them to let me write.  So they did.  I think I was called a volunteer!

I met and married another writer, Joe Bonaduce and together we wrote for some the greatest sitcoms ever seen.

Then there were my biggest productions, four more Bonaduces to enrich the world.  And they did!

And that brings us to a Blog.

Every writer needs readers and a Blog seems like the answer to a prayer.  I get to write.  You get to read.  Then you get to write back at me and I get to…well, you know.

So let’s get started.  I go first because it’s MY Blog.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Betty you are Awesome!!! Keep up the great blogging!!!! Any woman who gave birth to the Duche Man is of epical purportions!!!

  2. Hello Betty,
    My name is Greg Ferrin, I will be a half a century old this year. So of course I know little of the contributions you have given to the entertainment industry. Except for one that I did grow up with and enjoyed greatly. Your son Danny!
    I imagine you have heard a thousand times from people like myself who grew up with the Partridge family. Well, I won’t bore you with all of that. I just wanted to say thank you.
    I live near Seattle and am pleased to have Danny as a DJ on one of our local radio stations.He just moments ago mentioned your blog. I immediately searched it for the sole purpose of thanking you.
    Thank you again Betty
    Gregory Ferrin

    • Thanks very much Greg, I appreciate the comment. But feel free to contact me anytime and chat away. I like hearing from folks I don’t know – there’s always a chance to
      another good friend.

  3. I am with Greg. Loved the show, loved your son. Watched nervously as Danny went through his life and his paths. Currently enjoy listening to your son speak on our local (Seattle) radio as well. As for your own writing Betty…. you made me laugh SO much from the story about the Thrift Shop and the Silk Dress. You made me laugh so much my daughter came in from the next room to check on me! THANKS! Much love from Seattle WA ❤

  4. Hi, Betty, I grew up in Broomall (most of my family is still there), I didn’t know your family, but I clearly remember you writing for The Jewish Exponent. Good luck on your blog!
    Gloria Robbins Joffe

  5. Hello Betty,

    My name is Gilmore Rizzo and I am a huge fan of yours. Your writing taps into a familiarity that is so natural, we can relate to it immediately. Your way of viewing the world is so entertaining that I find myself shaking me head, “yes, yes, I feel just like that.” Or.. “yes, yes, I agree with her!” or.. “yes, yes, I’ve often thought that very thing.”

    Btw…I am also a huge fan of your daughter, writer, producer, director, Celia. I am also a huge fan of your son, the marvelously talented singer, music man, and Goombah John. Who is this Danny everyone keeps writing about? Is he new? 😉

    Betty, I look forward to your newest blog because I love hearing your voice as I read your creative view point and how you express yourself so brilliantly. Keep up the good work… I shall return!

  6. Snowy night in the east and found your blog. Enjoyed your stories, specially Sophie’s. God only knows how I’ll find the blog a second time…but I’ll try (tech abilities below the norm).

  7. Hi Betty. Excited to see the blog. I live in Syracuse, NY and listen to Danny’s podcasts all the time. It’s the only show I regularly listen to. Danny is so entertaining, humorous, and with a million life stories. I heard them mention your blog a few days ago, so I’ll follow it from now on. Thanks so much!

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