The Introduction

The introduction is to me.  I am Elizabeth Ruth Regina Steck Bonaduce.  But you can call me Betty.

My background is in show business.  My father, Jack Steck, was an early showman.  Meaning he worked in vaudeville, starting out as an adagio dancer. That career ended earlier than he’d planned when he tossed his partner into the air and failed to catch her.

Nothing daunted, he managed to reboot and ended his show business life some 65 years later as Program Director of WFIL-TV in Philadelphia.

It was in this capacity that I was invited to join him in my first  professional job since graduating from Temple University with a degree in communication.  Unfortunately, at the time, communicating earned me a Bachelor of Science degree or a B.S.  Which, while literally true was not much appreciated.

Since television was such a new idea then, and no one knew for sure if it would ever catch on, there wasn’t a whole lot of money to spend on things like on screen talent.  Or writers.

I was right there and I would have happily paid them to let me write.  So they did.  I think I was called a volunteer!

I met and married another writer, Joe Bonaduce and together we wrote for some the greatest sitcoms ever seen.

Then there were my biggest productions, four more Bonaduces to enrich the world.  And they did!

And that brings us to a Blog. 

Every writer needs readers and a Blog seems like the answer to a prayer.  I get to write.  You get to read.  Then you get to write back at me and I get to…well, you know.

So let’s get started.  I go first because it’s MY Blog.

17 thoughts on “The Introduction

  1. OK Betty…I found it by just putting in the search area…Amoung the Gold…I read it, I knew all of it, except your myriad of names…somehow Ruth and Regina escaped me. I am not sure if you are the only one who sees this reply or if the whole kingdom is reading it…till I find out I will say no more….glad to see you tackle this new adventure

  2. I laughed out loud about your dad not catching the girl…Betty, you always stimulate me, make me smile, and make me think, and, if I remember correctly…there for me when Freddy was so sick. I look forward to reading more…and, oh by the way….I don’t care about the Tin Man…saw the movie several times growing up…and loved it. Move on.

  3. I enjoyed your blog Betty it was very interesting. The Steck family is full of communication history. You are a very good writer, and you have wonderful story telling abilities..I enjoyed the story. Also I was named after you and my Great Grandmother Cecilia Regina, this is great to know. As I have gotten older I find that communicating with family is good. I wish my Mom was still here so she would know about the family I have connected with. Keep on with your blogs I will keep reading and enjoying. It’s good to be in touch.

  4. I loved the old shows growing up watching Jzckie Gleason and the old Ed Sullivan shows. They do not make great shows like them anymore.

    • Thanks to all of you who take the time to let me know you enjoy reading this bit of fluff.. I am having a ball writing it. I”d never have the patience to write a novel, but this is fun!

  5. Betty…you are remarkable…and such a fabulous writer… I am going to enjoy seeing this blog unfold… loved hearing that you were on Danny’s show today… although I am sure I only know but the tiniest fraction of hilarious and colorful Bonaduce family stories… you clearly have more to write about then most…and I look forward to enjoying it!

  6. Welcome back! Let’s what I have learned? 1. Just because you are smart and cultured doesn’t mean you can’t get road rage. 2. Never take the Trivial Pursuit game out when you are around.

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