On Voting Against, Not For Just About Anything.

I have been feeling guilty of late. For the first time in a VERY long while, I didn’t vote in an election. Not this last time…there were only two people to vote for or against so I did. But the time before that. There were a number of choices and I couldn’t agree with me on any of them.

Except as to who is was I wanted to vote AGAINST. The answer, unfortunately was – just about everybody.

I can’t even think of it as MIXED feelings. I’m against just about everyone. Because, I find, I don’t believe in anyone anymore. I can’t think of a single politician who makes me trust that he or she is the ONE person in the world who could lead us home safely. And that includes everyone on the ever increasing list of persons who believe they can do the job.

I believe President Obama is one of the most informed and knowledgeable men to ever fill that office. I believe too, that being very, very bright is not the most important quality Americans look for in a leader.

America looks for someone who will come out swinging, Tell the world that America is about to be heard from and that he/she is ready to lead the charge. Obama, on the other hand, wanted to collect all the facts and THEN, and only then, tell the world. However, if he changed his mind about the plan he would then be accused of flip flopping, and everyone knows a President can’t do that.

I surprised myself recently by discovering that I like any number of things Republican. I’ll pause here while you shake your head in bewilderment about how a thing like that can happen.

I DO believe the government is going too far into the private lives of the public. I DO believe that at some point, we can’t pay for everyone to have part of everything. I DO believe that listening in one everyone’s conversations is going way overboard.

Things like that.

But I DO believe too that children brought here as minors illegally MUST be allowed a shot at the American dream. It is what they know and grew up thinking was their dream too.

I believe pieces of each parties platform and not enough of either.

But the Republicans have given me so much to worry about.

I fear that their abortion rights will send women scurrying back into the alley where someone with a coat hanger can almost guarantee that there will be no live child born of an unwanted pregnancy.

But is that a GOOD thing?

Of course there is prevention…pills that will ensure no pregnancy…well, almost insure…but when they are wrong, when the pill doesn’t work…then what? Another mouth to feed in a family that is already way, way underwater?

And about those pills. The Republican party in many states is planning to limit the access to them. Which means what? No sex?

Sure, that’s going work.

But let some of these leaders try explaining that to their – I’m at a loss for a word….I don’t want this to sound as a list of things men do wrong…and I was about to say “Let them explain that to their mistresses.” But that suggests that only MEN indulge in out of family activity. And I don’t think that for a minute…holy hell!   I watch television. I know about these rich women with nothing better to do than buy themselves a hobby. But what do you call a rich woman’s pet? Is gigolo still a good word?

And what of the Gay Community? They can be outlawed just traveling from state to state. They can be refused service in restaurants and barber shops and other establishments where the un-American activity of bigotry is allowed to flourish…with legal backing. Why? What have they done, these mostly peaceable men and women who occasionally get on your nerves by dancing in the street in funny costumes – or none?

They don’t make love to each other the way “normal” folks” do? How does that impinge upon YOUR life? You don’t like it…don’t do it! But I don’t believe for a moment that we should make laws against it. Isn’t that a religious question? And if it is, shouldn’t you leave it in church?

So far the Party has offended and threatened the rights of immigrants, women and gays. Who have they forgotten? Oh yes, Old folks. All kinds of cuts seem to be in the air for people who dare to live too long and then get sick.

And it is true that many of us are no longer able to hold jobs and do useful things with our lives. But we worked hard to get here and now that we need a return on our investment in Social Security and other government aids set up to allow us to retire in peace, those things are under attack.

And speaking about attacks…what about programs for vets? I know BOTH parties proclaim their intention to help the men and women who have been fighting other peoples wars for years. And they come home to what? A sad history of neglect.

We created these war by agreeing that we had to do something to help innocent people around the world. And we do, of course. But that should guarantee that we provide returning fighters their chance at quiet retirement, if that’s what they need, or a decent job so their families can live the way they would have lived if Mommy or Daddy hadn’t gone to war. And that should be paid for by a grateful nation. I don’t see it happening.

There is one thing people in both parties seem to want.

TRANSPARENCY. The quest for Transparency is everywhere. But I don’t see how that can work. The way I see it, The American people would like their president to keep them in the loop about things like where, where and how all plans are being made to defeat all comers. Apparently we will rely on the enemy not to read, or listen to these bulletins which are for our eyes and ears only.

I am not, but nature, a political person. What I am is sad. I used to be sure who was right and who was wrong. Now I am lost. Everyone is right AND wrong. It just seems that more people are wronger than ever.

And I’m against that!




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Next month, I promise, that beautuful bird picture I told you to expect. A glitch or two has backed us up a bit.

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