First things first and all that…

Those of you who have been kind enough to have stuck with me on these trips Among the Gold, are well aware of the many, many, ma…okay, let’s not push it… well aware, of all the things I don’t know about communicating via –  this.  I absolutely love being able to write something like this Blog and know that it is being read in so many, many places by so many different (from me and MY opinions) people. I honestly believe that even a little blog (clog) in the communication world, is of vital importance.

 If I weren’t 96 and just days out of the hospital, I would probably be jumping with joy that I can sit here at my desk and type whatever comes to mind, and know that it will go – someplace.

 But just recently when I read about another group of readers that has started following Among the Gold, it occurred to me that I hadn’t contacted anyone to tell them how much I appreciate – and let’s face it – need – them.


 I believe this past year has been among the most stifling and at the same time most out of control time in the world. Of course, I mean in MY world and my very long time in it. All of these things have given way to a full year or more of STAYING HOME!

We’ve adjusted – with various degrees of resentment – to the oddities of wearing – or not wearing – masks.

Getting – or refusing to get – vaccinations.

Shopping – for everything from too much toilet paper and paper towels to gallons of hand sanitizer liquids.

Partying by way of what is called ZOOMing.

Okay.  Let’s look deeper into that one.  Have you partied alone recently?  I haven’t.  I am totally baffled as to how you fool your head into believing you are having a great time partying while the next closest guest is seven blocks away from you…and that those devilled eggs you’re famous for are only available to immediate family members.

And I haven’t even mentioned that you don’t bother dressing up in your finest new– straight out of China silk – dress.

Oh, yeah, there’s another thing coming – or not coming  -out of China! Your dress.  Which begs the question:  Should we or should we not be blaming China for the pandemic?  And what?  If we DO blame China should we then not buy a new dress?

I remember when everyone started staying at home. Good Lord there was a lot of grumbling.  All the things you needed to do your job were available AT THE OFFICE! 

Except you.  You were home, trying to find files that weren’t there or, even more difficult, trying to explain to a three-year-old why Mommy and Daddy couldn’t play right now.

However, it didn’t take long for the tide to turn, as we all realized how much easier it was to roll out of bed twenty minutes before the first meeting, and not bother changing your yesterday shirt because nobody saw it anyway. Handy things like that!

The words changed rather quickly from “Ye gods, I never get out of the freaking house.” To Hey, I don’t even have to leave the house.”

And THAT fact…you didn’t even have to go to the office, became more popular as it became more notable, that there was ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE TO GO.

Restaurants closed…Then they reopened but just for outside service.  We all, more or less politely, learned to eat in a tent-like shelter.  I don’t know how most people felt about it but I thought it was kind of nice. But then the powers that be let us back inside our favorite restaurants, only to find that by this time a lot of us thought eating outside was nice.

While we were busily adjusting to the restaurant regulations, we were also losing track of some of our favorite little family-style stores. Blocks of neighborhood shops founded by relatives and friends began to disappear.  First only a few and then…empty shops were more numerous than those still in. business.

Okay there are more points to argue, more people with whom to argue.  

But everything I Read, Hear, and See, leads me to just one overwhelming question.

Knowing all of this lies ahead…


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  1. As Dad would say to your final question, “That’s the $64 question.” I’m glad you are putting into words a lot of the questions and thoughts those of us less articulate than you are batting around in our heads. Glad you are out of the hospital and back in Blog World.

    • Hi BB, hope you are well, now that you are back home. To answer your question though, all I can think to say in response is; Why, indeed.

      Stay well.

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