Now Is The Time

Today’s blog begins with the simple statement of a fact of life.  My life.

My Blog is late.

Despite all the times I have told you about how important it is to be on time, I have now decided I can be late if I want to.  Or if I can’t think of anything to say that I believe you all will find amusing.  Or interesting.  Or Surprising. Or any other emotion that my writing might provoke.

When I was younger and writing involved a whole lot of people beside myself, hours, minutes, seconds all mattered. If my story was a few minutes late, the paper went out without it. If a script was two seconds off, I didn’t have a job. I just want to write when I believe that something I want to tell you will be interesting or amusing to you…or maybe both if we’re lucky.

This new freedom is one of the few perks of ageage.  Just about everything else about being 95 is a real big pain in the…absolutely everything.

Are there things you would like to ask me about this long, long trail I’m following? Or questions about some of the things I’ve reported during the few years I dedicated to the Blog?  How about YOUR long, long trail?  Have you a story I might want to follow a while?

Are you a friend from long ago?  Maybe as far back as Philadelphia when Wanamakers and The Eagle were big? Since starting my Blog, I’ve reconnected with my cousin Harry’s son Harry Jr and it’s been wonderful. Are there any more of you out there?

I have to tell you, I’ve loved doing my Blog. It makes me feel like I’m keeping up with what used to be MY world.., and I intend to keep on writing, but I would appreciate a bit of feedback. I’m not a genius at all this digital stuff, but if you want to send me a FB post (NOT an FB message, which confuses the hell out of me) or an email – or write a message at the end of the blog with any ideas or comments, I think that will work.  If it doesn’t, I’ll call on one of the many long suffering family members who are asked to repeat instructions over and over again.

*       *     *     *     *thinker

There are occasional bonuses to my age-related deficiencies.  Not for me…but for the folks around me.

This one worked for my daughter Celia, who was taking me for a ride to yet another doctor’s appointment. She made a sudden, very sharp turn and sighed deeply before telling me that she was sometimes very happy that I have no sense of direction because she had just driven several miles beyond her intended turn off…and basically she didn’t want to hear about it. Happily enjoying the ride, I had nothing to say.

See you next time…whenever that is.

WOW!  Freedom after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Now Is The Time

  1. Betty, your writing is so fun to read! I just love all the subtle humor you add to it. Writing is surely one talent that age does not effect. (Gee, did I use the right “effect”? Always had trouble with those two words, darn!) So happy your are still blessing us with your thoughts & are doing well. Keep’em coming! Love you, lady! 😊💕

    • Doing the blog is one of the joys of my life…I love writing, always have, and being able to reach a fair number of enthusiasts, young and (very) old is an amaing pleasure. As are my memories of you and Birchrunville.

  2. Betty, my Mom, who is also named Betty, is 93. I wish she were able to write as you do. I enjoy reading what you have to share. You are a very interesting person. You are also so fortunate to have so many people who seem to care so much! Keep writing..about whatever is on your mind!

  3. Well BB, last year was tough with having to say goodbye to Best Boy, who as you know only too well; I adored. Maybe this would present a great inspiration piece on either a tribute to those things about him, that you miss most, or if you’ve brought another little 4-footed friend into the little house, all about him or her…or how the two pets differ.

  4. Wonderful blog, as always. I only wish we lived closer; as I would love to sit and talk with you of many things.

    With love,
    Mary Alice

  5. I am one of those Philadelphia people who remember Wanaakers Eagle and their wonderful tea room with the best vefetable soup in the world…so glad we keep I touch and even get to see each other every 10 years or so….shall we start making it every year?????just sayin’…….Terry

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