An Open Letter To A Friend

Dear Gilmore, 

What is there to say when someone’s loved one… THE one who travelled through the good times, bad times, and the simply plain wonderful times of just being together? I could tell you what I’m sure you already know:  I hurt for you. But, several other friends – some closer – and maybe more eloquent than I – have already said that.  But when you lost Bryan Miller to Cancer recently, you weren’t ready to settle for words. You wanted trumpets to sound and bells to ring out. You wanted to tell the world to pay attention….a great man had left town.

You set out to tell the story of Bryan’s life, and, more than that, to invite a couple of hundred people to devote a day watching a three part documentary dedicated to the extraordinary man who was your husband – and our friend.

 It took time, money and just plain guts to turn out a several hours-long piece that told of the glories that made Bryan Miller worthy of your herculean efforts. It was wonderful for all of us at the Celebration to see the devotion of the community of several hundred persons who drove from some fairly distant places to a venue deep in the heart of the heat of Palm Desert,

You captured not only the man and his music, but his endless generosity in spreading the joy of music. I know I speak for all of us – the day was more than worth the effort.

 Did people cry as they watched Bryan dance and sing across the screen? How could they not when he was having so much fun, just generally have a wonderful time whether pinned to his piano or dancing and singing across his piano world.  But we also laughed or perhaps sang along as Bryan sang some of the seemingly endless songs he could play, in any key, and believe me some of Bryan’s wanna be  stars seemed bent on inventing a chord or three no other ears endured.

 I’ve been an admirer for more years than most folks have lived, and I never saw Bryan show anything but love to even to the most off key, out of rhythm, or just plain tone-deaf would-be star to walk up to his piano.

I know what I want to say…the words seem poor… But here goes:

Dear Bryan; The world as we know it is a better place because you were here.  Thank you. 

And thank you Gilmore for shining a light on his wonders.  

Much Love, from Betty